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  • What’s Your Game Plan?

    BeCreation would like to help empower you and your dreams. We know that all the information you need is out there. We’ve already assumed that you’ve Googled it, Youtube’d it, Bing’d it, etc. But if you’re here we know you’re either ready to get started or overwhelmed by information and don’t know where to begin. Or you started already and the hosting you purchased is confusing. You name the situation we’ve probably heard it before. We wish we could alleviate your growing pains, and although we can’t we can get you in the right direction.

    • Where To Begin

      Write a paragraph about what you want your site to be about. Include who you think your audience will be. Research similar sites and make a list of ones you like and what you like about them. Also list the ones you don’t like and what you don’t like about them. Then make an outline listing the sections you might have and what would fall under that section. i.e. 1.About: My history, My Accompolishments

    • Collecting Your Assets

      Your assets are the images, audio, and any text you would like on your site. If you need to get photos taken, take them. Basically start collecting all these items based on your outline and keep in mind what you’re going to put in each section.

    • Making An Appointment

      Once you have these basic things mapped out come back to the site and make an appointment for your 15 minutes of free consultation.

  • Looking For One On One Training?

    If you’ve come to us because you have a specific question you want answered about designing or coding, you’re in the right place. What do you do if you want to maintain your site yourself and you don’t know much about using wordpress or design applications such as Photoshop? You might not even understand how to use certain social platforms, such as, twitter, facebook or instagram. Well we’re offering you one on one support in those areas. Sign up below for a FREE 15 minute assessment.


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