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  • Who is BeCreation?

    BeCreation, LLC is an independently-owned company based out of Los Angeles, California. We are a branding and marketing collective.
    We know right here is where we fill in a bunch of fluff, dazzling you with word play that doesn’t mean anything about what we can do for you or how we’re going to do it, but we won’t.
    In a nutshell: We’re a ragtag collective of misfits with a passion for making ideas tangible. We want to be inspired and create work that inspires. We believe that dreams beget ideas, ideas beget tangible truths and tangible truths change the world around us. If we can help those who can’t help themselves and make a living at the same time, we call that a “win win”.
    In the years that we’ve been online we’ve never advertised for ourselves. We started out small and have worked via word of mouth. Which makes it easier to stay on top of rapid changes in technology and social media. If you need a company dedicated to building your brand then we are the company for you.  No client is too large or too small.  You’re either dedicated or you’re not.

  • What Can We Do?

    Well just to get your wheels spinning here is a brief list of some of the things we bring to the table.  Don’t let this list limit you though.  If we believe in a project and the client knows what they want, we pull the resources needed to get the job done.  If we can’t take it on we let you know up front.  We don’t take on all projects but we have great consultants that can help you plan and trainers to help you help yourself.

    • Graphic Design/ Brand Development

      The look of your brand from logo to color palate is one of the most important places to start.  Once the look and feel is distinguished the rest is filling in the blanks.

    • Web Development

      A web presence is an excellent tool to help develop your brand, promote your service and/or product.  We develop websites that are aesthetically attractive, responsive and user friendly.  We handle domain name setup, hosting, design, coding, content management…etc.

    • Social Media

      Having a webpage is nothing without promotion. Social media should be used not on
      We use creative content and astute consumer engagement to produce experiences that complement and support our client’s objectives.Companies are just scratching the surface of the limitless possibilities inherent in social media. Becreation is here to help our clients explore those possibilities, and carve out a foundation that is customized to grow with our clients.
    • Video Production

      Video is an excellent way of engaging your clients. We enjoy combining all aspects of design, with audio and video.  From web series, trailers, music videos, indiegogo/kickstarter campaign videos, short films…etc we have a crew that can capture what you’re looking for.  We can shoot it, edit it, add graphics, and/or animate your titles.

    • Print Production

      We like to keep the look and feel of your brand consistent online and off.  We have detail oriented designers that handle business card layouts, brochures, signage..etc.

  • What Else?

    We offer one on one consulting and/or training.  We know some everyone is jumping online to start a blog, sell some t-shirts, promote a band, make a web series, dream the impossible dream…etc.  Well we want to help you start on the right foot and get up to speed as soon as possible.  We know there are videos out there to teach you, but what if you have a specific question and no time to watch every video out there to get to the point?  That’s where we step in.  We get to the point so you can get down to creating.  Make an appointment today!

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